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In 2019, Facebook had over 2.45 BILLION active monthly users —and they’re still growing!

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(Not So) Fun Fact: Most Facebook Ad Spend Is Thrown Away

You wouldn’t try to compete in the World Series of Poker after reading an online tutorial, so why bet with your marketing dollars? Like poker, a lot of Facebook advertising looks like luck—but there’s so much more to it than that. 


The truth is, Facebook is an extremely effective platform for making sales and growing revenue.


  • In 2019, Facebook exceeded $60B in ad revenue, and they continue to see high growth.

  • More than 2.1 billion people and growing use at least one of the Facebook family of services every single day, with 1.62B logging into the main Facebook platform. 

  • 20% of page views in the United States occur on Facebook.


Bottom Line, Facebook is still king when it comes to B2C conversions: revenue per daily user has doubled in the past three years, and e-commerce click-through rates have tripled in the past two. 

It only takes a quarter of a second of exposure for someone on Facebook to be able to recall a piece of content

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What's Our Secret?

At Mercury Marketing, we understand that sales come down to people, not spreadsheets. At every stage of the funnel, we constantly seek to understand not just what happened, but why, when, and where it happened. And unlike most agencies, we never put your account on auto-pilot. We pride ourselves on transparency and collaboration, so we’ll never keep you in the dark. It’s your money and your business, after all! It’s like having your own in-house marketing guru for a fraction of the cost.


As Founder and CEO of Mercury Marketing, Caroline Mercurio knows how to crack the Facebook code. She has a proven track record of delivering high returns to businesses of all sizes and shapes. She specializes in making your advertising dollars work harder and smarter—so you grow farther, faster. 


Meet the Team

Jake Mercurio

Software Engineer

Jake is a full stack software engineer with over six years of experience working with e-commerce and SAAS platforms.

Samantha Brennan

Social Media Marketing Manager

Sam specializes in social media strategy, project coordination, and content marketing.

Brianne Fabian

Social Media Marketing Strategist

Brianne specializes in organic growth strategy, with a proven track record of authentically growing e-commerce platforms from 0 to 10K+ followers.

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Conquer the Wild World of Social Media Marketing! 

Sure, you could be like most of the 7 million+ advertisers on Facebook and try to run your own show—but the truth is, most businesses simply don’t have the resources and tools to be competitive and profitable on their own, and that's okay! We get it, it’s tough out there: the number of businesses advertising on Facebook has risen 23% year over year, organic reach continues to decline, and ad prices continue to increase.


It’s time to get a ringer in your corner. 


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